Monday, February 22, 2016

Upstairs Reno

Super excited to finally have a little extra time to get working on a few upgrades to our farmhouse. Dad got the water all fixed up a couple weeks ago, and now we are claiming a third bedroom and fixing it up a little.  This little room is going to be Jon's "man cave" aka DJ room, as well as storage.  It's a great little room but like the rest of the house is lath and plaster and unfortunately some water got in before the windows and roof were replaced.  We are "ignoring" the damage on the roof (patching and painting over, as it is curved and therefore more complicated than we want to tackle at the moment), but yesterday we ripped out the plaster under the windows and today Jon replaced it!

I'm so glad for his skills with carpentry.  It would have been frustrating and taken me forever, and my wonderful husband fixes it up in half a day.  Teamwork is an amazing thing!