Saturday, December 2, 2017

More November

Current favourite of us two

Check out that chubby face peeking into my office!

Eatin' lunch with Grandpa

Hanging out with Clarence!

November shenanigans

Riding on Papa Jon's shoulders for the first time!

Doing some work in the new shed

We don't do a lot of baby carrying, but it's pretty cozy!

Cheering on Team Meilleur at the Pre-Trials for the Olympics!

Watching Janelle on TV!


No bowl is safe!

Rosy cheeks

Sitting up!

Stop pulling apart your mat!!


We've been doing baby-led weaning with MJ (translation: letting the baby self-feed from an assortment of finger foods and whatever we are eating), and it's been going great!  She took to it really quickly, moving from the fist grip to the pincer grip within a week, and finding definite favourites right away.  She loves bread, bacon, meat of any sort, pears, oranges, cucumber, tomatoes, and drinking water from a glass and then giggling into it so it makes an echo!
She's pretty good at making messes, too.
Cue montage of baby covered in various foods:


Oh, Kale Yeah!
 It's always the best compliment when you don't get around to updating your blog for a really long time (over a month!  Because the Blogger app needs to update to be compatible with the latest iPhone operating system update and so I can't upload from my phone anymore), and someone actually asks about it!  So, thanks to Auntie Elaine for being my most loyal blog reader!!  This, and the few more posts following this one, are for you!!
Happy Halloween!

The cute moment when the suckie falls out!

Her favourite card from Mariska!

Friday, October 20, 2017


Best way to entertain a baby? Give her whatever you're doing. Like harvesting carrots!
Video here:

First hotel stay

Loves the carpet. Almost makes me wish we had carpet at home!
Starting at screens IS gross.
Black and white legging day!
Free robes and wall to wall carpet for MJ to roll on.
Lunch at Stella's. Is lunch an activity? Because that's all we did in Winnipeg, other than hang out at the hotel. Oh, and go to the exchange district for 20 minutes, when we came back two tow truck drivers were waiting for it to become 3:30 so they could tow our car...  4 minutes to spare.
I hate Winnipeg.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Baby veggie love

When I give Myrah a toy, she quickly loses interest, but when I give her vegetables, she's entertained for much longer!