Monday, July 31, 2017


Papa Jon and baby Myrah having lunch at Foxtail Cafe in Clear Lake's

We decided to go to Clear Lake for the day yesterday. The temperature was in the 30's and so that makes it hard to get anything done with the baby, as even the house gets hot when it's that warm out (though our ghetto air conditioner works pretty well... Fan from the basement!)

She didn't love the water, it was pretty hilarious though! It was still pretty cold, despite the 33*C day.
She's really interested in sitting these days. She doesn't quite love the bumbo chair yet. Usually flops her head forward and then gets frustrated and screams. Soon! Her interest changes daily these days!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blue romper

I was completely overwhelmed by all the baby gifts we received for Myrah, but now that she's wearing some of them I've definitely found some favorites! Anything blue makes her eyes pop so nicely, and this little romper from Marci, Claudia, and Maria is just the most adorable thing ever! Apparently Claudia had one just like it, I'm jealous, and hope we get together soon so they can wear their outfits together!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ice cream 🍦

She stared at Daddy's ice cream the whole time!
Apparently this is how the cool people sleep

July 22

A very familiar sight.  Deep sleep!
Family selfie July 16
Woo hoo!
First overalls! From Liz and Kent
Mommy and me
New car seat from Aunt Ally

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Uncle Eugene!

Miss Kitty comes to stay

Meet Miss Kitty!  This gal was originally from this farm around 7 years ago.  She had kittens here and was such a nice cat that Sherman took her with him to live in Brandon after he moved there.  She has been a house cat ever since, and Sherman's #1 companion.
Unfortunately, Sherman passed away on Thursday.  He asked us over a year ago if we'd take Miss Kitty when the time came, and so we held true on our promise.  It is sad that Sherman has left us, but Miss Kitty is a reminder of this friend who is no longer around.  We are honored to be entrusted with his most special kitty that he loved very much.
Samson could give 2 poops about the situation.  He has gone from the least social of cats to the most tolerant in the last 8 months since the kittens joined the family!
Here's a few shots of Missy Kitty meeting the family.  We are now a respectable crazy-cat-lady household of FOUR cats!  We love our feline companions.

We will miss Sherman very much.  The funeral is at the farm this week, and some of his ashes will join Irene's under the spruce tree that she planted many years ago in the yard.