Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mead Making in RM of Daly

I (finally!) started a batch of mead today.  Mead is wine made from honey-- I got mine from Bygarski's at the Brandon Farmer's Market.  Jon wants to get bees, but I'm allergic and so prefer to buy my honey, thank you!  Mead is special to my Dad because our neighbour used to make it.  Dad would come and visit Geoff Frank and they'd have a bottle of Geoff's mead and shoot the shit.  I think Sherman, the owner of our farm, was likely involved sometimes, too  :P.  Geoff has passed away, but shared his recipe in a letter to my Dad from June 1991.  His nephew Jim lives directly south of us and was happy to get a photocopy of Geoff's famous recipe as well!
So, had I made the first version of the recipe, we'd only have a week to wait (yeck), but as I am using the more modern version we have a few months, longer if we want it to be more better!

Fermentation has begun!!
Buzz, buzz, thanks to the bees for all your hard work!

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