Sunday, June 5, 2016

5 years, 5 photos

First Date June 2011 Calgary
Jon and I celebrate 2 years of marriage on Tuesday, as well as 5 years of putting up with each other.  Here's a photo from every year we've been together!  Above is our first date.  I was recently single and Jon invited me to a charity benefit that the company we worked for had donated to.  Shortly before going I realized it was not a work related invite, so I confronted Jon about it (of course I did, lol), and the rest is history!
Driving to Nova Scotia February 2012 (Thunder Bay)
 Here we are at Jon's friend Michael Hunt's property near Thunder Bay.  We were on our way to Nova Scotia and on about day 3 of the journey.  Julie made the best vegetarian pizza ever that night!  We spent a couple weeks driving out and visited lots of people. 
Below: We came home to Calgary and Manitoba for Christmas in 2013.  It was one of only 2 times each we were able to visit when we lived out East.  We had an amazing trip and wished we could do it more often!
Home for Christmas December 2013 Calgary

Wedding Day (looks like it should have been weeding day instead) June 7, 2014 Port Williams Nova Scotia
 I hope some day people are like "what is this all about??" with the above photo.  It cracks me up.  The long story is that Jon and I did a salad growing project on the side that year, but if you don't know that it looks like us holding hands over lettuce... Because we ARE!!  Lol.  Spent a lot of time in this field that year so I'm actually really glad we have this photo.  Also, weirdest thing ever: this is literally within feet of the spot where we first met Samson.  It was fate!!
July 2015 - Elton, Manitoba
Here we are working in the field after moving to Manitoba in May 2015. 

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  1. Warm congratulations for your special day on Tuesday, and for the joy found in a lasting relationship.