Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Goodbye, Wildflower and The Jenkins' go to town

 Yesterday we had a family doctor's appointment, so we had to head to town.  Decided to make a day of it and try getting groceries as well, and do what we always do when we go to town- have lunch!  (I intentionally schedule my appointments near lunchtime, especially when Jon was working it just made sense.  It still makes sense... We like having lunch out when the season still allows for it to happen! Not much longer will it)
Doc said everything is just fine.  Doctors are hilarious, he had already forgotten everything about the IUGR they diagnosed just before I gave birth.  She came out fine and that's all that matters!
 Unfortunately, our most favourite cafe is closing at the end of the month, so we wanted to make sure that Myrah got to visit Wildflower at least once.  Shannon, Jamie, Nicole, and Jan were all working and they were glad to meet her!

Shannon held her and I took this photo of her.  I was so flattered that she then asked if it could be used on Wildflower's social media pages!  It's really nice when people ask, of course this past week I've let a few images through just to aid with the announcement and quench people's curiosity, but for the most part I don't anticipate any of my pages becoming exclusively baby-related.  It has nothing to do with the business, and though it's a big part of our lives, I just don't think Facebook is any place for a baby.  This blog is different, because in my experience very few people will seek out information and those who do (that means YOU, reading this!) are alright by me if they want to see some baby photos.  I don't even know who half of the small following we have on Jon & Teri's Farming Journey Facebook page are, so why would I keep them up to date minute by minute? 

 Anyhow, no judging if you do post photos of your kids on facebook, chances are if we are close I enjoy seeing them and wouldn't read your blog if you had one, either.  I blog because I always have, for over 10 years at least through various formats, and I know that it's been a valuable record for me and a good writing outlet.
Our favourite morning time has become baby snuggles right before we get out of bed.  We don't co-sleep, Myrah is in a bassinet right beside the bed, and so it's nice to snuggle before we get up and before she is fully awake!

Anyhow, Myrah made it through the entire trip just perfectly, and it really helped to boost our confidence as new parents!  We knew we had to just continue on with our lives as they were, but going to the grocery store seemed a little scary and so we did it together and figured it out.  Though, I don't really know how we'll ever buy more than 4 bags of groceries... The car seat takes up the entire cart!  Baby carriers are on the way!
At the end of the town trip, Myrah and I stopped by Lady of the Lake and she met her Auntie Andrea, who was elated!!

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