Thursday, June 4, 2015


..Still waiting for my first egg, I think she's laying it now!
Picked up these birds last night near Holland, MB.  Since we didn't book our pullets there were none to be had, and I really didn't want to frig around with chicks this year.  Plus, I have no interest in keeping chickens over the winter this year, so by the time chicks were in full production I'd be looking at them hungrily.  So, I put an ad on good ol' eBrandon and found these 1 year old conventional retirees for free.  10 for the next 5 months of egg production and 10 for the freezer within a couple weeks.
LOVE chickens!
Not a bad way to transport chickens... Made for some interesting wrangling when we arrived at home!

"I'll race ya!"

Bok, bok, chickens! 

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