Monday, June 8, 2015


Jon and I took most of the day off yesterday and went up to Clear Lake for the afternoon.

Then we went for a walk when we got home and found lots and lots of wild lady slippers in the ditches,  Beautiful!
At the end of the pier, Clear Lake

Ladyslippers all over the ditches!  Beautiful.  Used to ride bikes and pick these for Gran with Grandpa Tom.

Why anyone would drag a piece of cake all the way from Nova Scotia and eat it a year later is beyond me, but we did.  :)

The cowslips... What enticed me into the ditch in the first place!

The flower of PEI, but they are pink there and look a bit like lungs.  I've always preferred the yellow ones.

The cairn commemorating the Robinville school quarter is across from our lane.

Wild strawberries everywhere blooming

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