Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Okay, this may not seem like a big deal to most, but...
CHECK IT OUT!!  There are soap bubbles!
This has never happened before at our house.  I even had a shower this morning and instead of uselessly rubbing shampoo all over my head I got bubbles!!
So, why is this out of the ordinary?  Those of you who live somewhere that you can drill a well and be set don't know how lucky you are.  Where we are, the water directly from the well is HARD and often smelly, discoloured, or otherwise unsavory.
Our water has high iron content and was relatively hard (48 of whatever units they use to measure... Mom and Dad's was 220!).  We had a softener, but it wasn't working.  Mom and Dad just got onto town water and so gave us their softener, which is way more than we would need, but they are happy to see it go to a good home where it can be used.  The local Well Wizard Don and my Dad got everything up and running, with the rust filter set to be operational tomorrow.  This is our basement set up, minus the second tank for the rust filter (far left) that is still needed to hook it up.  All stocked up on salt and now we're cooking with gas!
Take that, dirty dishes & people & clothes!
Thanks to Dad & Don for getting it all fixed up! 

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  1. I understand your struggle! I am in Nova Scotia and in an area with very poor water - tannins, iron, sulphur - you name it! I totally understand your happiness though with bubbles, been there!