Sunday, January 31, 2016

German Butter Potatoes

The main part of my LOVE for vegetables is eating them.  Nothing tastes better than a perfectly vine-ripened tomato still warm from the sun, or fresh greens when the snow has barely left the ground.
My greatest love in the world of potatoes is the German Butter.  I like potatoes generally, but the German Butter (Sieglinde) is in a class of it's own.  Similar to a Yukon Gold in terms of looks, but these waxy yellow orbs are FREAKING DELICIOUS.  So delicious I lust after them.

I first encountered this potato while working at Blush Lane in Calgary.  We received bags of potatoes through a produce distributor in BC from Across the Creek Organics in Pemberton, BC-- a region well-known for growing fantastic potatoes!



  1. the complete natural environment in which a particular product is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.
    • the characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a product by the environment in which it is produced.
Potatoes spend their whole life until harvest in the soil, which means the flavour of a certain spud can vary by region.  So, when sourcing those "best potatoes I've ever had", I started with the same farm they came from.  Chances are, the terroir in Pemberton is part of why I loved these so much.  So, I make no promises that I can produce the same delectable tubers as they do, but getting seed from them is a start at least!  We'll see what the Manitoba terroir does to them-- I am hopeful, as this is also a relatively good potato growing region!
Currently looking into shipping, seed cost & freight will be high and so that will be passed on to you as a customer in the final product... If I don't eat them all myself!

If we do have these available later this season I would love to share them with you!  Will keep you posted.  :)

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  1. Teri, I would absolutely try these! Yes, terroir for potatoes (or any produce) is absolutely essential. Keep up the great work you guys do!